May 2017

Calling All "Easter Peeps!"

The joy of Easter was a few weeks ago, and if you celebrated Easter day by eating those little marshmallow chicks called ‘Peeps,’ good for you. I don’t like them, but a Reform Jew friend of mine jokes that one day she’ll serve Peeps at Passover, instead of unleavened bread. She calls herself a closet “Easter Peep” because folks send her unusual marshmallow Peeps from all over the world, all year long. Regardless of their country of origin or the season, they’re still “Easter Peeps” to my friend.

In truth, we are always “Easter peeps,” too. Christians are the people of Easter who praise God for Christ’s resurrection that leads us into God’s grace. As “Easter peeps,” Lutherans and other liturgical denominations celebrate “Eastertide,” a 50-day period (or a ‘week of weeks’) that includes worship rites to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, until Pentecost’s giving of the Holy Spirit. In the Early Church, only the baptized could participate in Holy Communion, and you could only be baptized on Easter, after memorizing the catechism for 2 years! No wonder the newly baptized wanted to extend their Easter celebration! I wonder what the Early Christians would’ve thought about Peeps?

Today Lutherans approach Eastertide as “Easter people” who serve as living witnesses to 2,000 years of Christian theology and tradition. We light the Paschal candle during Eastertide; we sing Eastertide hymns; and we honor and remember the holy sacrament of baptism. By participating in Eastertide, we sustain our joy as members of the baptized Body of Christ.

What can you do to celebrate that you’re one of Christ’s “Easter peeps?” Locate your Baptism or Confirmation certificates; talk with relatives who witnessed those events. Look at old photos from your baptism or Confirmation day. Reflect on your Baptism and Confirmation sponsors: how did they influence you in your faith and in your life? They, too, are Easter Peeps, united to you forever through Christ’s redemptive sacrifice on the cross. Rejoice, all you Easter Peeps!

Peace and God's love to all,
Pastor Monica


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