November 2017

Live out your gratitude...

Gratitude is a virtue that Christians cultivate in response to the countless blessings given to us by God. It’s good to be thankful and demonstrate gratitude: but that’s where we often fall short. We “say” we’re thankful with words, but how often do we “do” gratitude? How often do we demonstrate our thanks to God by actively engaging with the vulnerable, the impoverished, and the suffering for whom comfort seems impossible? If we bask in our gratitude, patting ourselves on the back for how well we thank God, we diminish the virtue of gratitude and make it merely a few empty words, instead of powerful actions that relieve human misery. This month of Thanksgiving, instead of simply naming what you’re grateful for, show your gratitude to God by acting to relieve hunger, comfort the grieving, visit the sick or imprisoned, or spend time with a lonely soul. Think of what we could do if we lived out our gratitude for November’s 30 days, instead of merely listing a tally of our blessings on FaceBook?

Peace to all here, 
Pastor Monica

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