March 2019

Take on something new for Lent!

What, it’s March already? Time does seem to fly by…except maybe during Lent, when the Alleluias disappear and we pull out our long gloomy faces. This year Lent is a bit later than we’re accustomed to. Spring will have sprung just as Lent-observing Christians have settled into our respective denial practices, like ‘giving up’ stuff that’s not good for us. Once again, I’m asking Epiphany members to ’take on’ something new, versus ‘give up’ something in Lent. But I’m also making it easier for you.

Here’s the deal: midweek Advent & Lenten worship has never been very popular or well-attended at Epiphany. I put out a survey in January, asking you about Lenten worship preferences, and received very few responses. So when life gives you lemons, you make Lenten-aid…
At a recent ELCA Lenten Preaching Retreat, I realized that Epiphany is very blessed by a healthy number of folks who routinely read the Gospel proclamations we post on our website and social media. One pastor colleague pointed out that the people who read and “Like,” share or comment on our posts are part of our mission field, even if they never darken our chapel door. And if they’re making the effort to pay attention to our messages, they might be hungry for more. That's a huge opportunity to share the Gospel’s Good News, and it's also building community. If we fail to engage these folks in our mission, then we’re failing as witnesses to the Resurrection.

Starting on Ash Wednesday, anyone who follows or finds us online or on social media can participate in a 7-week digital Bible study highlighting Lenten Psalms. Links will be posted across all our media platforms that connect to Epiphany's YouTube channel, where several short videos will examine a Psalm, discuss its significance according to Martin Luther, and ask you to reflect on related key issues. You can respond to those questions by commenting directly on the YouTube channel. And best of all: this ’study’ is accessible 24/7, from the comfort of home, work, or while you wait in the carpool line.

Epiphany has never tried anything like this before, so I’m asking you to ’show up’ and participate, especially since you don’t have to leave the house or drive at night! Share the link with your friends coast-to-coast, and give me your feedback. God’s unconditional grace is worth sharing, so let’s share it in a new way.

Lenten Peace to all here...
Pastor Monica

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