July 2017

Ahhhh summer!

Ahhh, summer is here! Baseball, cookouts and fireworks, vacations and long, lazy days remind us that our bodies and our minds need to relax. We get so caught up in daily chaos, it’s easy to forget that we are God’s claimed, beloved, forgiven children. Martin Luther once said, “I have so much to do today I shall spend the first three hours in prayer.” Luther’s humor belies his wisdom: even those of us who compete in the “Busiest Human” contest need to pause, breathe and pray.

Summer is a great time to slow down and pray outdoors, enjoying the beauty of God’s Creation and life’s simple pleasures. Take some time this summer to relax on your porch with God, and let God know what’s on your mind. Listen for the Creator in the sound of bullfrogs and crickets. And listen to what God may be calling you to do: what skills, gifts or talents has God given you that you’re not using? You have six months left in 2017— put those gifts to work in new ways that bear fruit for an abundant life in Christ.

Peace and happy summer,
Pastor Monica


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