May 2018

Are You Fired Up?

Are you “fired up?” As we approach Pentecost, how ‘fired up’ we are about our baptism and God’s gift of grace? Do we take it for granted, or share our holy fire with the world?

The joyous Easter season is “a week of weeks”: seven Sundays to rejoice in Christ’s Resurrection, before the Feast of Pentecost and the giving of God’s Holy Spirit. In baptism, Christ breathes the fire of the Holy Spirit into our bodies and we are claimed by God, marked with the cross of Jesus as forgiven believers, forever.

The Holy Spirit’s flame within us never dies, but continually stirs and guides us back to God, even if we forget to tend our inner fire. Pay attention to the Spirit within you: those ‘little nudges’ come from God, drawing you into relationship with each other and the Holy Trinity. Fan your holy fire and see what you can ignite with God’s love!

Peace to all here, 

Pastor Monica


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