August 2018

‘Tis the Season for Worship...

Summer is quickly dwindling. Soon our kiddos will return to school. Rush-hour traffic will pick up as a result, and families will settle into a familiar routine that’s often so jam-packed with activities they can barely breathe. There is a rhythm to life as the seasons march on, and it’s no different for the seasons of the Church. We are in the Season of Pentecost; this year, it’s a 27-week observance that carries us to the first Sunday in Advent. The Season of Pentecost is what’s known in church lingo as ‘ordinary time’; the Church’s other observance of ordinary time is between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday.

The phrase ‘ordinary time’ has nothing to do with how special or exciting worship is during those seasons—in fact, this year during ordinary time, we’ve been treated to the musical gifts of Prannoy and Praharsh Lankapalli, who’ve made our ordinary time worship very exciting! ‘Ordinary’ simply means that the weeks are numbered, or put in order: the 7th week after Pentecost; the 3rd week after Epiphany, etc. Whenever we worship God in Christ, it’s always extraordinary, because God meets us where we are, just as we are, inviting us to participate in holy mystery through the gift of holy sacraments.

As you settle into your late-summer routine, make time for weekly worship and strengthen your relationship with Jesus, whose victory over death brings us into a future with our Creator that’s anything but ordinary!

Peace to all here, ​

Pastor Monica


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