September 2017

God's Work, Our Hands...  

Every September the ELCA designates a Sunday as "God's Work, Our Hands" day. Lutherans across America put on yellow ELCA T-shirts and go out into the world to serve and worship.  This year, God's Work, Our Hands Sunday is September 10th, and your Outreach Team has a great day planned to benefit one of our Outreach efforts, the non-profit recovery addiction agency, Chosen Vessel Ministries, run by our member Linda Barnes.

It's important for every member of Epiphany to participate in this day: we have this great opportunity to bring fellowship, fun and God's love to women once destroyed by addiction, but who now work hard to rebuild their sobriety and their lives. It's one thing to help others by writing a check: money is good and necessary to make GWOH happen. But it's a powerful experience of Christian faith and service to look someone in the eye, listen to their pain and offer the love of Christ to them, in person.

We need your hands to do God's Work. We need your voices to proclaim the Gospel of Christ Jesus to people in society's margins who need to hear it. Join us at St Columba Retreat Center to volunteer and make a positive impact on a struggling child of God. Follow Jesus' example by befriending these women and giving them what they need most: your time, your encouragement and your Christian presence.

Peace to all here, 
Pastor Monica


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