Celebration of God's Abundance 11/4/18

The Men of Epiphany (MOE) is our men's ministry. MOE meets regularly for fellowship, devotions, and service. From October through April, you're invited to participate in MOE Bacon: a monthly breakfast gathering at Perkins restaurant in Collierville. Additional meetings and events include working Epiphany's Community Garden, hosting special fellowship events at the Garden and other sites, and working the annual Collierville Youth Fishing Rodeo. For more info on MOE, send an email to info@epiphanylu.org.

MOE Bacon meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month at 8:30 am. Join us at our next get-together at IHOP in Collierville on Saturday, June 8, at 8:30 am!​

Men of Epiphany

Coffee Fellowship

Gals of Epiphany

Upcoming Events

Please check our calendar for more information on these and other upcoming events!

5/15, 5/18 and 5/22 - Community Garden Workday 8:30 - 11:30 am

​5/19 - Casserole Drive

Join us every Sunday after the worship service
​for coffee, treats, and fellowship. 

​The Gals of Epiphany (GOE) is our women's ministry. We meet on one Saturday of each month for study and fellowship.   

We just recently finished a study surrounding Mary Magdalene’s life and her important participation in Jesus’ ministry. Mary Magdalene was among the first witnesses to the Resurrection, but in the Medieval Era was suddenly viewed as a threat to male power in the Church. Study materials will include a series of articles and The Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

GOE is currently on hiatus - please check back to find out when we will begin our next study.   All are welcome - bring a friend!